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(Last updated: Wednesday 30th September)

River Report

There has been very little activity on both rivers due to the lack of rains in the systems with very few anglers out. The ultra dedicated sea trout anglers has seen success with some large fish being caught, the best of which was a 12.5lb specimen caught in the Nature Reserve area was returned to the river by a joyful Jenna Hindmarsh - who is fast becoming one of the club's best young anglers.
High pressure systems are slowing down the arrival autumnal rains with El Nino turning the weather upside down and the short term forecast is for more of the same with little if any rains expected soon - which is affecting not just us but the whole of the country.
There have no reports of Salmon being caught on either the Wear or the Tees which would be expected in the current conditions. We would be grateful if any anglers could inform us of notable catches of either salmon or sea trout as this would help give us an idea of the current state of club waters.
In the meantime here are three more patterns (which can all be tied on either salmon irons or tubes) to keep you occupied while waiting for the fish to arrive:
Comet: Tag - Yellow hair tied long. Body - Rear half scarlet floss, front half black floss and scarlet hair in at junction top and bottom reaching to the end of yellow hair. Wing - Black hair tied top and bottom long.
Black & Yellow: Tag - Oval silver. Tail - Golden pheasant crest. Body - Black floss. Rib - Oval silver. Throat - Black cock hackle or black hair. Wing - Yellow hair. Head - Black.
White Shrimp (fishes well in late afternoon, during the Autumn): Tag - Oval silver. Body - First half yellow floss ribbed flat silver, centre tail orange bucktail tied on two sides, second half black floss ribbed flat silver. Wing - White bucktail tied on two sides over the orange bucktail. Cheeks - Jungle cock. Head - Black.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 9th December)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Fishing in Wear

Wild brown trout at Page Bank

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Will appear at the end of the season.