Most of the Coarse Fish in the River Wear are to be found in the Lower Reaches and some of the deeper pools on the Middle Reaches. Some of these fish grow to specimen sizes. A British record Dace was caught on the Wear as it passes through Durham City whilst Chub to 8 lb and Barbel to double figure weights can be seen in some of the pools.

The resident fish stocks have been recently supplemented by the Environment Agency with the addition of 3,000 Dace and 3,000 Chub. Plans for 2011 include stocking with 180 lb of 2 lb+ Bream, 2,000 Chub, 5,000 dace 3,000 Roach and 2,000 Barbel. The E.A. has also been constructing purpose-built pegs on some of the more popular stretches.

The Coarse Fish in the Wear respond to all the regular baits but anglers should be aware that, as the river is better known as a Game Fish River, several clubs have specific rules on the use of certain baits (e.g.maggots) and ground baiting in order to protect the Game Fish stocks. Hence anglers should make themselves aware of the club rules for stretches that they wish to fish.

As the Wear is a comparatively narrow river there is no need for special equipment. Twelve foot float rods and ten foot ledger rods will be suitable. Do remember, though, that there are some big fish in the river and hence use line of suitable breaking strain. Do not have your day ruined by breaking on the fish of a lifetime!

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