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Stretching 2 1/2 miles from the meetings of the Tyne Watersmeet to Fourstones on the South Tyne and 1 1/2 miles from Tyne Watersmeet to Warden and from Netherwarden to Walwick on the North Tyne, 2012 is the first time that The Warden Fishing has been made available for 4 rods, spread over 4 new Beats. The fishing is shared with a long established and well run local angling club and rods are priced from £35 to £65 per day.

This page relates to the fishing avaiable on the Fourstones Beat.

N.B. Anglers fishing Warden - Fourstones (South Tyne) will change over at 1.30pm each day with anglers fishing Warden - Baddox & Boatside (South Tyne).

The historic catch records for the Warden Fishings as a whole are combined and shown on the Warden Fishings main page on FishTyne.


Warden Fishing consists of 4 miles of fishing on both the North and South Tynes including their junction. Owned by the same family for 4 generations, 2012 is the first time that private rods have been made available.

There are 4 beats of between 1000 and 1700 meters covering the 2 rivers and each with an average of 7 named pools, mostly single bank, but in part double bank.

Day Rods shall ensure that all fish caught (whether returned to the river or not) are reported to the owners on 07506 978 093 within 48 hours of the date of fishing, and, if applicable, recorded in the Fishing book.

In 2012, being the first year, it is expected that where individual beats are taken on a day rod basis, Beats 1 and 2 will change over at 1.30pm each day and similarly Beats 3 and 4.

Therefore, anglers fishing Warden - Fourstones (South Tyne) will change over at 1.30pm each day with anglers fishing Warden - Baddox & Boatside (South Tyne).

The Fourstones beat

The Fourstones Beat stretches for just under 1 mile from the village of Fourstones to Fourstones Paper Mill on the left bank of the South Tyne.

Access is via a private level crossing of the Tyne Valley Railway, with car parking for Fishing next to the Bend Pool in the centre of the Beat.

There are 7 named pools.

In order to retain the local connection, facility and knowledge, a local Angling Club, with limited membership, also has access to the water; they have fished different beats for several years and are well run with strict codes of conduct, which are the same as those for the Private rods and they have offered to support and even Ghillie, if requested.

Substantial improvements to access, amenities (benches and huts) and to bank management will commence in 2012 and Ghillies will be available either part or full time by separate arrangement.

There is a website with full beat details under www.wardenfishing.co.uk, which has illustrated pool descriptions and lies, which have been carefully recorded by the local Angling Club.

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