Tyne Waters Meet conditions

FishPal conditions

Bookings made through FishPal's help desk or on line booking system are subject to FishPal's standard conditions. If you haven't already read these, you can see them here

Fishery conditions

Fishery Letting conditions
A Ghillie has been appointed at Waters Meet, and can be booked by separate arrangement. Therefore, please contact Aidan Pollard, for all enquiries regarding guiding/casting instruction on 07753 729192, or aidan.pollard@hotmail.co.uk. .
Sharing of rods is not permitted.
Please note, with regard to the hours available for fishing, the following rules apply:
Fishing may commence at daybreak for all bookings.

When one person reserves both rods on any given day, one rod will be permitted to continue fishing until dusk.
The other rod must cease fishing at 17.30 hrs.

When both rods are taken, but with individual reservations, both tenants will be required to cease fishing at 17.30 hrs

If only one rod is reserved on any given day, then the tenant may continue to fish until dusk.

The above arrangements are implemented to allow one house rod to fish after 17.30 hrs on any day, without giving prior notification to our tenants. However, if the house rod is not fishing, then the 17.30 hrs restriction will not be applicable, and tenants may continue to fish until dusk.

All salmon caught prior to 16th June in any year must be released. For all salmon caught on (or after) 16th June, it is permitted to take two fish only per rod, per day, and any other fish which are caught must be released.

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Tyne conditions

Coarse fishing

It is unlawful to fish for coarse fish from the 15 March to 15 June both dates inclusive on any river or stream.

Game fishing

It is unlawful to fish for migratory trout from the 1 November to 2 April both dates inclusive.

It is unlawful to fish for salmon from the 1 November to 31 January both dates inclusive.

All salmon caught before 16 June must be returned to the water immediately with as little injury as possible.

No person shall sell, offer or expose for sale, barter, or have in possession for sale any salmon or sea trout which has been taken by rod and line.

It is unlawful to fish for non-migratory trout from 1 October to 21 March on any river both dates inclusive.

All anglers aged 12 years or over must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod licence before starting to fish.

All fishing belongs to someone; make sure you have permission from the owner before you start to fish.

Further details of Byelaws are available from the Environment Agency - Fisheries Byelaws for the North East.

Contact the Environment Agency for Catch and Release Guidelines - England and Wales.

This publication is for guidance only and is not intended to replace statutory regulations.