Trout fishing

Whilst the Tyne is famous for its salmon and sea trout fishing the quality trout fishing that is available is often overlooked.

Brown trout fishing is enjoyed by many anglers who seek both wild and stocked fish.

The wild brownie is numerous throughout the system with well conditioned fully finned fish giving excellent sport.

All age groups are represented with plenty of trout of a takeable size, although many rods return their catches.

The trout season on the Tyne commences on 22nd of March and ends on the 30th of September.

To book trout fishing listed on FishTyne or its tributaries go to our find fishing page and select trout.

Good trout fishing is available on the North and South Tynes, the River Tyne, the Derwent and the Rede. The majority of fishing is for wild trout with some stocked brownies in the Derwent and the River Tyne.

The stocked trout are of excellent quality. A selection of association waters with visitor permits offering a wide choice of fishing is readily available.

Trout fishing in the Tyne catchment

West Allen waterfall pool