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Last week

(Last updated: Sunday 23rd September)

Recent weeks have produced some good fishing when anglers have hit favourable river levels. A prime example of this was Robson Greens' party on the North Tyne who on their first day all landed fish:- Zoila Brozas landed her first ever salmon on fly - a 14lb hen fish, Phil Plant landed a salmon of 6lbs, Ted Murray had a fish of 5lbs and his biggest ever fly caught fish of 17lbs, James Murray landed a 16lb salmon, Roddy Watt landed a 14lb salmon and Robson himself who had fish of 20lbs and 8lbs. The rest of their week was very up and down according to the conditions mirroring the fate of many other rods this week with high winds and high water playing their part between bursts of good fishing - their week finishing with a day of a mixture of salmon and sea trout with 5 fish for James Stokoe and 6 for Mike Collier.
On Chollerton visiting angler John Statham returned 2 salmon of 6 and 7 lbs on a falling and clearing water. Justin Szymborski fishing at Bellingham reports:- "my 75 year old father George caught his first salmon for 4 years at 8 1/2lbs, a cock on a cascade fly. I then caught an 8 1/2lb hen, also on a cascade and finally, our friend Julian Brookes, who has persevered for 7 years on fly without success finally caught his first salmon - a 7 1/2 cock fish which also took a cascade. It was a very happy car going back to Lincolnshire that night as you can imagine! We had other pulls and swirls but that was it for the day".
On the South Tyne NEFCC members Sarah Iveson and John Dresser landed a 6lb sea trout and 6lb salmon respectively and David Coleman had a salmon of 7lbs.
James Bogue a visiting angler from Surrey staying at Haughton Castle landed a 13lb cock salmon from the rack and a 5lb sea trout from the Mains pool.
Also from Haughton Castle Glynn Hall reported that over the three days of the Kielder release 16 salmon and 10 sea trout were landed at Haughton Castle. Mike Powel, Mike Stewart and Tim Foster all had 3 salmon and a sea trout each with both fly and spinning successful.The majority of fish were showing colour but provided excellent sport.
Andy Tiplady caught his first salmon ever from the Warden beat, a nice clean 11lb cock fish using an ally's shrimp treble size 8 "Adrenalin is still pumping", he reported.
NERAC report 43 salmon and 54 sea trout. The best salmon 22lbs from Bardon Mill by Peter Gray and best sea trout 9 pounds from the South Tyne at Whitchester caught by Peter Atkinson. Other successful anglers include S Hutchinson with 2 salmon and 3 sea trout from Melkridge and Bardon Mill, Ross Middleton with a salmon of 7lbs from the upper main Tyne, Eddie Cockran on his first ever visit fishing on his very first cast landed a sea trout from the main Tyne, Chris Presland with 5 salmon in 3 visits to river best 19 pounds, Ollie Falk with 2 salmon from the main Tyne, Dan Holmes landed 3 salmon, Stu Holmes had 4 salmon from the main Tyne, Tony Barrow a 5lb sea trout from the main Tyne.
And finally a little bit of light relief for anyone having a tough day on the river………..a local angler (let's call him Mike) fishing a local beat (let's call it Chesters) arrived one morning after heavy rain. Making his way to the lower hut he looks at the river and decides that his first pool would be better fished from the opposite bank and searches out the boat that is provided for just such a circumstance. Following rain the proceeding evening the boat has a foot or so of water in it so our intrepid angler decides to begin bailing whereupon a 5lb sea trout that had been resting in said boat's lower decks gets the fright of its life and in a case of retribution gives our startled angler the very same medicine. Regaining his composure after a few heart busting moments our angler decides to help the stranded migratory trutta on its' way but the fish isn't wise to his purest of intentions and seeks sanctuary under the bow of the boat. Our determined hero climbs into the boat and being already laden with a foot of water and 5lbs of fish the extra 18 stone of ballast is enough to sink the boat………. a rope, tractor and hour later and our angler finally makes his first of many fruitless cast of that day.
Anglers should be aware that any fish caught and returned will remain in the river for many months before spawning and treat them with the utmost care when returning them, keeping fish in the water at all times and handling them as little as possible.

Please send reports and/or photographs of fish caught to or contact me on 07751644599 - reports are gratefully received and make this page a much better read for all.
PLEASE NOTE - The Environment Agency is asking anglers to send in a few scales from the fish that they catch. The scales contain information that can be described as a biography of a fish's life history and growth rates and by examining the scales under magnification we can infer the age of the fish. The age data that is collected from scales adds detail to the counter and video data collected at Riding Mill.
Anyone looking for Speycasting tuition or guided fishing from an AAPGAI advanced instructor can contact me at
Tight lines,
Neil Lobban

Beat catches reported
(week ending 23rd September)
SALMON & GRILSE: Eltringham 2, Bywell 11, Styford 7, Dilston 7, Tyne Waters Meet 2, Warden Fishing 21, Chollerton 9, Chipchase Castle 1, Chipchase - Riverhill 3, Chesters 7.
Total: 70 Largest: Warden Fishing & Chesters 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Bywell 1, Styford 2, Dilston 6, Warden Fishing 11, Chollerton 3, Chipchase Castle 2, Chipchase - Riverhill 1, Chesters 7.
Total: 33 Largest: Dilston 8lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season so far

Full report to follow shortly for the first few months of the season.

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Fishing on the Tyne
A cracking 22lb Springer caught by Malcolm Patterson 15 Feb 2017 on upper main Tyne his first ever Springer.

Fishing on the Tyne
Robson Green with his Tyne salmon caught at the end of May 2018.