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Last week

(Last updated: Sunday 7th February)

River update - the first fish I have heard of was a 13lb salmon carrying long tailed sea lice on it's back. The stunning fish was landed and carefully released by local rod Chris Rae from the fish pass pool at Bywell. Most of the week has seen high levels but Chris' fish on Thursday was taken on fly on the only day so far when levels have abated a touch.
Pictures of Chris' fish can be found at this page
After the massive water and resulting floods in the area over the close season, many local people and businesses are still coming to terms with their losses and fishing will be far from many people's thoughts. Nevertheless the salmon fishing season opened for 2016 on 1st February and rods will be out although river levels have been on the high side. In any case it will be good to be out on the river again and blow off a few cobwebs - Spring is my very favourite time! Please be aware that many once familiar pools have changed significantly with large amounts of gravel and sand having moved so wade with extreme care.
Traditionally the lower river areas of Wylam, Ovingham, Prudhoe and up to the fish pass at Riding Mill, including the beats of Bywell and Styford, will be the focus of many rods' attentions. With milder temperatures and if levels fall fish may be encouraged to run the pass and the areas around Corbridge up to Hexham may also see some action too.
While Tyne springers are not as numerous as their later running counterparts, a Springer from the Tyne is a real prize and they can run into the many teens and upper twenties of pounds so make sure your tackle is up to the job - this is not the time for leaving on the 12lb nylon you fished in the low water of last year! Spring fish tend to be aggressive takers and will take a range of flies readily - a gold bodied willie gunn, various shrimp patterns, cascades etc etc, tied on tubes of varying weights. Fished on sinking tips or intermediate/slow sinking lines to suit the conditions a well presented fly can work well as can a range of spinners, with a yellow belly devon or Zebra Toby fished slow and deep a favourite of many experienced Tyne rods at this time of year.
Any anglers aiming to catch an early Springer will be looking for a deep shouldered, full bodied bright fish with no signs of a distended vent and no gill maggots. Lean fish with an unusually large head in proportion to their length are kelts even though they may well be well mended bars of silver.

PLEASE NOTE - The Environment Agency is asking anglers to send in a few scales from the fish that they catch including kelts. The scales contain information that can be described as a biography of a fish's life history and growth rates and by examining the scales under magnification we can infer the age of the fish. The age data that is collected from scales adds detail to the counter and video data we collect at Riding Mill. If you would like further details about scale sampling please contact the environmental monitoring team on either 0191 203 4140 or
* An example of the feedback I received from the EA scale readings for one fish this year is on the prospects page - I think it makes an interesting read!
Please send any reports, pictures or thoughts you would like included on your Tyne fishing to or contact me on 07751644599 - reports are gratefully received and make this page a much better read for all.
If anyone would like to brush up their casting with Speycasting lessons from an AAPGAI Advanced instructor or guided fishing for this year I can be reached as above.
Tight lines,
Neil Lobban

Beat catches reported
(week ending 7th February)
SALMON & GRILSE: Bywell 1.
Total: 1 Largest: Bywell 13lbs
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Season so far

Full report to follow shortly for the first few months of the season.

There is a new Page for Fish Tyne.

Fishing on the Tyne
Harry McVeigh's cracking salmon from the Tyne in the second week of September.

Fishing on the Tyne
Mr. George Bennet with his Lush 20lbe on Bywell, on thew fly, 14 May.

Fishing on the Tyne
What A Whopper!!!!It's 27.5lb and it was caught by Merton Croisdale-Appleby on Bywell, Fanatastic!! .

Fishing on the Tyne
More cracking action from Bywell,Ian shaw with a lovely, 22lb spring salmon, in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
and another this time Paul Growcock with a large bar of silver a17lb off Bywell in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
Another fish on our Tyne course! 8lb springer for Tim Springham, at Bywell, 19 Feb.

Fishing on the Tyne
A 2015 spring fish being released at Styford. Well done!!

Fishing on the Tyne
The new season is starting and new photo's will appear shortly. Trevor Spence with his large fresh Styford spring salmon, in the 2014 season.