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This week so far

See each day's largest fish and individual beat catches on our Latest catches page which is updated each time a ghillie uses our automatic telephone reporting system.

Last week

(Last updated: Wednesday 29th April)

River levels are very low and the river is very clear making for difficult fishing conditions.
Some fish have been photographed by the EA recently running the fish pass late at night and anglers fishing very early have also seen fish moving including some early sea trout. The upstream count so far for this month up to the 26th is 163.
One or two Salmon have also been caught early morning.
NERAC are now up to 3 salmon from the main Tyne of 16 lbs, 17 lbs and 13 lbs. Peter Parkinson from Wales caught a salmon of 13 pounds on small tube fly at approx 5.30am along with a surprise pike of about 8 lbs caught around hour later which bit through his line as it was netted. Peter and his fishing partner also witnessed quite a few sea trout right on dawn splashing in the tail end of a main Tyne pool then when sun got up the river went totally quiet.
Other rods fishing either first light or last light report seeing fish at these times.
Stephen Harrison reports catching a 10lb fresh fish last Wednesday on fly after 3 fish showed coming off tide at 15.00 on the lower river.
Rods at Bywell returned two salmon to 7 lbs last week in very low water and have landed 3 over the last couple of days including a 22lb beauty for a member of the ladies fishing group yesterday......more details to follow.

Please send any reports, pictures or thoughts you would like included on Tyne your fishing to or contact me on 07751644599.

There are still rods available on the prime Spring beats over the coming weeks.

Any angler successful in landing a Tyne fish (fresh or kelt) is encouraged to send scale samples to the EA - details and sample packets from Morton Heddell-Cowie :- call 0191203 4140 or email

Whilst fewer in number than their later running brethren, Spring fish tend to take the fly very aggressively so if a fresh fish is seen moving or a known Spring lie is covered while holding a fish some reaction can be expected. General tactics will be to fish deep and slow but often moving the fly with a figure of eight or slow strip can make all the difference.
The Tyne is not too deep a river in most parts so full sinking lines are rarely necessary to be successful but an intermediate line with sinking tip, or in lower flows a floater with fast sinking tip, will be needed to get the fly down a bit.
Popular Tyne patterns include Gold Bodied Willie Gunns, Orange shrimp type patterns, Black and yellows etc. usually tied on tubes at this time of year.
Spinning is also popular with some anglers. Yellow Belly Devons or a Zebra Toby fished deep and slow are long time favourites.

I look forward to seeing you out on the riverbank and wish you luck in your pursuit of these special fish on the Tyne in 2015.

Neil Lobban

Beat catches reported
(week ending 3rd May)
SALMON & GRILSE: Bywell 5.
Total: 5 Largest: Bywell 22lbs
SEA TROUT: Bywell 1.
Total: 1 Largest: & Eltringham & Bywell & Styford & Dilston & Tyne Waters Meet & Warden Fishing & Warden - Fourstones & Warden - Watersmeet & Warden - Baddox and Boatside & Warden - Thistlerigg & Chollerton & Haughton Castle & Chipchase & Chipchase - Riverhill & Nunwick & Chesters & Broadbank & Hesleyside & Snabdough & Countess Park & Alston and District AC & Lambley Estate & Axwell Park and Derwent Valley AA 0lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season so far

Full report to follow shortly for the first few months of the season.

There is a new Page for Fish Tyne.

Fishing on the Tyne
What A Whopper!!!!It's 27.5lb and it was caught by Merton Croisdale-Appleby on Bywell, Fanatastic!! .

Fishing on the Tyne
More cracking action from Bywell,Ian shaw with a lovely, 22lb spring salmon, in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
and another this time Paul Growcock with a large bar of silver a17lb off Bywell in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
Another fish on our Tyne course! 8lb springer for Tim Springham, at Bywell, 19 Feb.

Fishing on the Tyne
A 2015 spring fish being released at Styford. Well done!!

Fishing on the Tyne
The new season is starting and new photo's will appear shortly. Trevor Spence with his large fresh Styford spring salmon, in the 2014 season.