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Last week

(Last updated: Saturday 25th July)

Sport has improved following a Kielder release and lift from the North Tyne last week. The North Tyne was up and coloured last Friday and the main river dirty on Saturday but by Sunday lots of fish were moving and fish were caught - many on spinner but also on fly as the water cleared. Many of these were sea trout but some salmon were also caught.
Adam Brougham landed a salmon of 10lbs on fly which he returned and also landed 2 sea trout on spinner on the main river. Ben Thompson landed 3 sea trout on fly off the North Tyne at Chesters before the rise and 3 days later landed 2 more on the main river spinning in coloured water. On the same day Ken Milner landed his first salmon for 2 years from the main river also on spinner a fish of 14lbs. Several more fish were lost on the beat.
Fishing above Hexham a local rod landed 6 sea trout and a salmon in a frantic 3 hour session and 4 more salmon and several sea trout were landed and more fish lost as the river dropped and cleared.
Visiting rod Geoff Diver landed a sea trout on a red mepps and after fishing with me on the Friday Greg Hugg landed his first ever salmon - caught on fly from the North Tyne near Bellingham.
In addition to the fish described above 9 salmon and 18 sea trout were also recorded from Fishtyne beats on the Monday.
As the river dropped fish were still caught although in fewer numbers but sea trout were still being taken including a 14lb fish from Dilston. Eltringham also landed a salmon of 14lbs.
Fishing the North Tyne Ross Middleton landed 2 sea trout and I have landed several sea trout and lost many more recently. Fishing with me this morning David landed a sea trout of 4lbs as the latest Kielder release hit the North Tyne. Several more fish were lost including a least two salmon on the same stretch this morning. Also this morning on the main Tyne Audrey Spence landed an 8lb salmon as the river started to rise.
NERAC members catches continue to progress with members having landed 32 sea trout and 26 salmon to date with most fish being landed from the main river.
Work has begun on the new fish pass at Hexham which will hopefully ease the passage of all migratory species. Whilst seeing salmon leap the weir is certainly a tourist attraction and spectacular to watch it is not in the best interests of the fish.
I am advised that this work should not affect any Kielder releases that may otherwise be planned.
PLEASE NOTE - The Environment Agency is asking anglers to send in a few scales from the fish that they catch. The scales contain information that can described as a biography of a fish's life history and growth rates and by examining the scales under magnification we can infer the age of the fish. The age data that is collected from scales adds detail to the counter and video data we collect at Riding Mill. If you would like further details about scale sampling please contact the environmental monitoring team on either 0191 203 4140 or

Please send any reports, pictures or thoughts you would like included on your Tyne fishing to or contact me on 07751644599.
If anyone would like information on Speycasting lessons or guided fishing I can be reached in the same way.
I look forward to seeing you out on the riverbank and wish you luck in your pursuit of these special fish on the Tyne in 2015.

Tight lines,
Neil Lobban

Beat catches reported
(week ending 26th July)
SALMON & GRILSE: Eltringham 1, Bywell 3, Styford 1, Dilston 3, Tyne Waters Meet 2, Warden Fishing 2, Haughton Castle 2, Chesters 6.
Total: 20 Largest: Tyne Waters Meet 16lbs
SEA TROUT: Bywell 3, Styford 5, Dilston 9, Tyne Waters Meet 1, Warden Fishing 15, Chollerton 6, Haughton Castle 8, Chipchase 2, Chipchase - Riverhill 6, Chesters 4.
Total: 59 Largest: Dilston 14lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season so far

Full report to follow shortly for the first few months of the season.

There is a new Page for Fish Tyne.

Fishing on the Tyne
Mr. George Bennet with his Lush 20lbe on Bywell, on thew fly, 14 May.

Fishing on the Tyne
What A Whopper!!!!It's 27.5lb and it was caught by Merton Croisdale-Appleby on Bywell, Fanatastic!! .

Fishing on the Tyne
More cracking action from Bywell,Ian shaw with a lovely, 22lb spring salmon, in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
and another this time Paul Growcock with a large bar of silver a17lb off Bywell in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
Another fish on our Tyne course! 8lb springer for Tim Springham, at Bywell, 19 Feb.

Fishing on the Tyne
A 2015 spring fish being released at Styford. Well done!!

Fishing on the Tyne
The new season is starting and new photo's will appear shortly. Trevor Spence with his large fresh Styford spring salmon, in the 2014 season.