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Last week

(Last updated: Saturday 29th August)

The river has enjoyed improved catches of salmon recently and fresh sea trout are still being caught.
EA counts of migratory fish moving upstream suggest we will be over the 20,000 mark for the year by the end of the month with lifts of water seeing good runs of fresh fish over the past weeks. There have been numerous catches to report so this is just a flavour of what's been happening:- John Brougham landed his first ever migratory fish - a fresh sea trout of 5lbs from the main Tyne- a salmon is next John! A delighted Roger Humphries from Hampshire landed a grilse of 6lbs bearing long-tailed sea lice, a fresh sea trout and lost two salmon for his Tyne visit on the main river - all on fly. His fishing partner David Coleman was snapped by a very good salmon on the North Tyne after it took him around some rocks and a hour or so later another rod suffered the same fate in the same pool!. Andrew reports of Malcolm Clayton and Bob Hall on the Warden Fishing "after losing a couple of sea trout, towards the end of the day we noticed that a few of the residents suddenly started to show as we witnessed a pod of fresh fish coming into the Lower Casting Platform and Thistle Rock pools. What followed was a frantic 20minute spell of action, Malcolm was first to connect with an extremely lively salmon of 8lb that fought like something possessed before finally being netted. I then found myself doing a one hundred yard sprint upstream to Bob who had, almost immediately after Malcolm's fish, hooked a very fresh grilse of 6lb. While I waited for Bob to play his fish out before bringing it to the net I heard a shout from Malcolm and he was in again (not that often you get a double header!) so I shouted words of encouragement downstream to take his time with it. Then having netted Bob's fish I sprinted off downstream to net a lovely 10lb fish for Malcolm. And then all went quiet again, I guess that is the magic of fishing for the Silver Tourists, here one minute gone the next!"
Glyn reports - "Long Kielder releases can sometimes put the fish down a bit on the Haughton beat and for the week up to the 15th August only 2 salmon and 3 sea trout were caught The rain that fell on the 14th freshend things up with a salmon and sea trout on Saturday and then another salmon and 4 sea trout on Sunday. A number of others were lost. Of note was a sea liced 6lber, quite a rare but welcome occurrence this far up the river. As the rain ran off the fishing slowed up with a 4 lb sea trout on a Hairy Mary on the 18th and then a chrome bright 8 lb salmon on Thursday on a size 12 yellow shrimp fly on the 8 weight. Additional rain water over the last Kielder release resulted in a catch of two salmon and a sea trout for regular Eric Lindley on Monday the 24th, this included a lovely 16lber. As the water dropped away on Tuesday night I had a 10 lb salmon and a 5lb sea trout on the simply red fly. There are a lot of fish showing in most of our pools and any lift should see the fish respond."
Also on the North Tyne Ross Middleton landed a 13lb salmon on fly and I had a fresh sea trout of 5lbs on fly. Ross also landed 2 grilse and a sea trout yesterday on fly on the main Tyne.
NERAC report -season so far Salmon 63, Sea Trout 66, the best salmon 24 pounds by S Hutchinson from the main Tyne on Wednesday. South Tyne beats full of deep lying fish - our deep holding pools have both salmon and sea trout in big numbers which can be seen at times when the sun is on the water. Last Monday in a mini flood on South Tyne gave up a few sea trout in the Melkridge/Bardon Mill area. On a good note 6 good brown trout from a pound to 4 pounds caught and released of late whilst fishing for sea trout."
Up to Friday this week 45 salmon and 13 sea trout had been reported from main river and North Tyne beats on Fishtyne.
In low flows particularly, please follow etiquette and have consideration for anglers on the opposite bank by entering your pool behind any angler already fishing that same pool.
Please send any reports, pictures or thoughts you would like included on your Tyne fishing to or contact me on 07751644599 - reports are gratefully received and make this report a much better read for all.
PLEASE NOTE - The Environment Agency is asking anglers to send in a few scales from the fish that they catch. The scales contain information that can described as a biography of a fish's life history and growth rates and by examining the scales under magnification we can infer the age of the fish. The age data that is collected from scales adds detail to the counter and video data we collect at Riding Mill. If you would like further details about scale sampling please contact the environmental monitoring team on either 0191 203 4140 or
If anyone would like information on Speycasting lessons from an AAPGAI Advanced instructor or guided fishing I can be reached as above.
Tight lines,
Neil Lobban

Beat catches reported
(week ending 30th August)
SALMON & GRILSE: Eltringham 1, Bywell 12, Styford 3, Dilston 4, Tyne Waters Meet 4, Warden Fishing 11, Chollerton 4, Haughton Castle 3, Chipchase 1, Chipchase - Riverhill 1, Chesters 5.
Total: 49 Largest: Styford 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Dilston 3, Tyne Waters Meet 1, Warden Fishing 3, Chollerton 2, Haughton Castle 2, Chipchase 3.
Total: 14 Largest: Dilston & Warden Fishing 10lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season so far

Full report to follow shortly for the first few months of the season.

There is a new Page for Fish Tyne.

Fishing on the Tyne
Mr. George Bennet with his Lush 20lbe on Bywell, on thew fly, 14 May.

Fishing on the Tyne
What A Whopper!!!!It's 27.5lb and it was caught by Merton Croisdale-Appleby on Bywell, Fanatastic!! .

Fishing on the Tyne
More cracking action from Bywell,Ian shaw with a lovely, 22lb spring salmon, in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
and another this time Paul Growcock with a large bar of silver a17lb off Bywell in March.

Fishing on the Tyne
Another fish on our Tyne course! 8lb springer for Tim Springham, at Bywell, 19 Feb.

Fishing on the Tyne
A 2015 spring fish being released at Styford. Well done!!

Fishing on the Tyne
The new season is starting and new photo's will appear shortly. Trevor Spence with his large fresh Styford spring salmon, in the 2014 season.