(Last updated: Thursday 6th September)

Current and proposed Kielder releases can be found at the following address :- this page

When we have had water the fishing has been good at times but low levels recently has made life tough. There is a Kielder release of 15 cumecs scheduled to start at 7am Friday and run all weekend. This should stir things up a bit until the next rain comes. Kielder releases can be changed a short notice - see the link above.
Floating lines with a range of tips to suit water depth and flow should be all that's required. In clear water small flies in the range of 12 to 16 have done well - in more coloured water go larger but a moved fly has produced more action.
Tight lines,

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Fishing on the Tyne
Haley Blades with her second salmon of the season, both fish were caught at Hexham on an 8wt single handed trout rod, May 2014.

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