Instruction and Guides


Combining your fishing trip with a lesson from a qualified casting instructor will help to maximise your time spent on the water and ultimately, improve your chances of catching more fish.

All forms of fly fishing require good fly presentation in all wind and weather conditions.

Regardless of your casting ability, starting a fishing trip under the expert guidance of an instructor will improve your casting technique and river skills, allowing you the opportunity to safely and effectively present your fly across the stream.

To make your time spent on the water more enjoyable, investing in some casting instruction at the beginning of your trip is money well spent. A list of recommended instructors can be found on this page. For instructors further afield please follow this link


If you want to fish somewhere you haven't been to before, then a Guide can make all the difference between success and failure, especially if the fishery you are going to does not supply its own ghillie or other help for you.

Guides will help you chose the right place to fish, make sure you have the right equipment and use the right techniques. On top of that they will often provide transport, lunch and an endless supply of fishing knowledge, talk and enthusiasm. A list of recommended guides can be found on this page. For guides further afield please follow this link

Third party instruction on beat

Be sure to check with your ghillie that the beat is prepared to allow instructors and or guides on the beat. Never turn up with an instructor or a guide without having cleared it first, as this might cause bad feeling with the ghillie which won't do much to help your trip.

Pre-visit courses outside the area

Some people prefer to receive tuition before they visit the Tyne, so that they can take full advantage of the fishing they have booked. Ask your local tackle shop for suggestions.

Fishing instruction on the River Tyne

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Neil Lobban holds the AAPGAI (Advanced) in Salmon/Double Handed Speycasting and is a fully licensed, insured and CRB'd Level 2 Game Angling Coach through the Angling Trust and UKCC. He is also trained in First Aid and child protection. He offers quality personalised instruction in Speycasting as well as access to guiding and fishing for Salmon, Sea Trout, Trout and Grayling. Email