The Piscatorial Societys Freefolk


Upper Test, Laverstoke


This fishing which consists of 698 yards of double bank, 150 yards of single bank, a cottage, a lake of some 2 acres and a fish farm. The fishery is situated between Freefolk and Bere Mill and the lower part of the river formed part of the Bere Mill beat


It is unusual for a fishing club such as ours to be able to buy a fishery on the Test, largely because ownership is fragmented and frequently associated with a house. In 1995, however, the sale of the Portal's Laverstoke Estate enabled the society to buy this fishing.

It is the society's intention to continue the development of the fishery as a traditional one for naturalised fish characteristic of the Upper Test, trout of around the one pound mark and grayling of similar size. This is in close agreement with its policies on other fisheries as is described in more detail in the report on the Abbots Worthy fishery. To date stocking has consisted of 50 trout of around 12" and 100 yearlings annually.

Having closed the fish farm the society decided to build a second lake.

Fishing on the site is restricted to society members only and use of the river is growing steadily.

There is always a good population of trout in the river together with a small number of larger fish, which stray in from elsewhere and the balance between grayling and trout seems to be a very acceptable one. A notable trout is one in excess of 2lbs.

The grayling fishing is only a little less difficult than the trout fishing and the fish are easily spooked. They are, however, of good quality and due again to the good visibility make for interesting fishing. A notable grayling is one in excess of 1½lbs.

The lakes are stocked with rainbows and treated as a put and take fishery, with members encouraged to satisfy their needs for fish to eat, or to give to friends, with fish from this source. The lake suffers from algal blooms, particularly in the spring and food for fish in the lake is very limited, corixae and damsel fly nymphs being the most plentiful. Weed is slowly establishing and it is hoped that over time it will improve. Surprisingly the best chironomid hatches appear to be in the autumn.

England/TestandItchen Beat

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