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FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

We reserve the right to amend our prices at any time before you book. Once you have booked, the price of your booking is fully guaranteed & will not change.
Every care is taken when compiling the promotional material to ensure the information is correct. However we are unable to accept liability when circumstances beyond our control result in the facilities described being altered or withdrawn.
It is essential on the grounds of security that you ensure the key fob is kept secure and not passed to a third party. If for any reason your fob is lost or stolen YOU MUST INFORM THE FISHING PARTY IMMEDIATELY.
When entering or leaving Broadlands main entrance gate you must ensure that the gates are closed prior to moving off. Likewise please ensure the 5 bar metal gate to the beat is also always locked.
In the event of cancellation by you, for whatever reason, the booking is not refundable and NO refunds or other allowances will be made if, due to weather conditions or other factors or reasons if fishing is impossible or adversely affected.
If you decide to change any part of your booking after the dates have been confirmed by our Confirmation Invoice then In the event of cancellation by you, for whatever reason, the booking is not refundable and NO refunds or other allowances will be made if, due to weather conditions or other factors or reasons if fishing is impossible or adversely affected.
Neither The Fishing Party nor any person assisting it shall be liable for the consequences of delays or restrictions from adverse weather, obstructions, repairs or damage to navigational works, flooding, shortage of water, industrial action, fuel-rationing, shortages of or non-availability of fuel or any other cause and reserve the right to restrict the activity if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail. Neither The Fishing Party nor any person or company assisting or collaborating with him shall be liable for death, personal injury or illness.
Risk in the goods will pass to you on delivery. Ownership of the goods supplied shall remain vested in The Fishing Party & shall not pass to you until payment in full for all such items has been made. For hired items - all damaged or lost goods will be needed to be replaced and The Fishing Party will send an invoice which has to be paid within 5 days. Failure to do so will forfeit any future fishing dates.
When your booking is confirmed you will ensure you have the correct licences and understood any fishing by laws for the beat. You will limit your catch to the appropriate quantity and if rod sharing only 1 rod between 2 shared rods will be allowed. You will ensure that you use the correct flies and if for any reason you are asked to leave no compensation will given. Ensure your vehicle and equipment is kept safe and secure as we are unable to offer any compensation if lost or stolen.
Every year many strong swimmers lose their lives in spate rivers. The force and the turbulent nature of the current make it difficult to scramble out, especially where the banks are high. Areas where the river flows over bedrock or through narrow gorges are particularly hazardous, and should be approached with great caution - preferably with suitable studded footwear.
If you should fall in, use your arms to protect your head. Roll onto your back and kick with your legs towards quiet water. Chest or thigh waders will not pull you under (as is often suggested); indeed, they tend to trap air and add to your natural buoyancy. However, they can increase the weight you have to drag up the bank.
Beware of undercut banks. Especially after rain they can fall in on you as you wade beneath them. More often a collapse occurs as you approach the edge of a high bank, when both you and the bank could fall in, perhaps onto another angler. Deep undercuts are especially likely on the outside of bends in the watercourse. Keep well back from the edge when passing these hazards.
If you can't swim then don't wade - even in the shallower stretches of the river. If you wade then a wading stick can improves your stability. Look out for submerged tree roots or boulders which produce depressions upstream and alongside.
Beware of rapid rises in water level. It may be fine where you are fishing, but raining heavily in the hills. Your path to safety may quickly be cut off.
Never wade in coloured water where you cannot see the bottom. A spate can cause gravel to shift so that what was once a safe area becomes a death trap.
Only wade during the day. (Never assume that last year's 'recce' is still valid: rivers change!)
Should you discover another angler in difficulty out of his depth, first look for something to bridge the gap between you - a piece of driftwood, a landing net handle, even your fishing rod - rather than jump in and risk a double tragedy. (Of course, courageous acts are justified when there is no alternative, provided you are a strong swimmer and, ideally, have had life-saving training.)
Safe Use of Fishing Tackle
Carbon fishing rods conduct electricity, so do not cast near overhead power lines. It is also wise to put away your fishing rod whenever there is lightning about.
Keep a safe distance from other river users when casting, especially with flyfishing tackle. Let other anglers know if you intend passing behind them. Some anglers are hard of hearing, so having called out make sure you get a reply.
Use scissors, not your hands, to cut nylon. If your fly or nymph gets snagged and you cannot work it free, break away safely. One way is to wrap the line around a sleeve of your coat to obtain a safe grip.
Protect your eyes with sunglasses, especially in windy conditions. If you get caught up in a tree, turn your back when pulling free, as a breaking line can spring back with great force.
If you find a safety hazard please let us know about it. That way we can get it put right without delay.
If you see any person behaving in a way likely to put themselves, other people or the wildlife of the river at risk, warn them of the danger. If they persist, let us have their name, address and car registration number and give details of the incident. Please do so without delay.
English Law governs your contract with The Fishing Party and any dispute is to be settled in the English Courts.

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