Where to fish the Test

Upper Test

Fishing is available on 0.75 mile of double bank fishing on the main river and carriers. Set in the beautiful grounds of a private estate the river is a series of fast runs, riffles and pools. Fishing is for two rods however both rods must be booked together.

Upper Test at Longparish
A perfect dry fly beat with 0.75 mile - mainly double bank - with gin-clear fast shallow streams and pools with some wading over weeded gravel runs. This has to be the ultimate chalkstream experience. There is limited availability.

Bossington Estate
Bossington Estate comprises some 2 miles of main River Test, 2 miles of the Wallop Brook, a tributary of the Test and Horsebridge Lake, stocked with rainbow and arctic char. The water meanders through traditional ridge and furrow water meadows, and is a mixture of fast riffles and deep sweeping pools. Its gin-clear water and abundance of weed make it ideal for wild and stocked brown trout, and it is rich in the terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates.

Wherwell Estate
The estates fishings consist of 4.5 miles on the Test and its carriers. Most of the fishing is on carriers of the Test, which in this area is itself only a little wider than the carriers. The fishery is below the Newton Stacey fishings and runs downstream to Chilbolton Common. There are 11 beats in total, which includes the Priory fishings. Most of the fishing is taken by season rods however some day rods are available, (see below).

Wherwell Priory
The 1.5 miles of double bank fishing is divided into 2 beats, Park and Priory. Most of the fishing is from the bank however there are some short sections that may be waded.

Middle Test

Westover and Fullerton Estate
Below Clatford the estates have nine beats on the River Anton and two beats on the left bank of the Test upstream of where the Anton joins the Test. Fishing is available on the estate with some anglers taking annual season rods and whilst others fish by the day.

The Greyhound Carrier
This is possibly the closest that many angler will get to the famous Houghton Club Fishery. The carrier is situated behind the Greyhound Inn on the outskirts of Stockbridge. This double bank fishery offers fishing by the day for one or two rods. The carrier is well stocked with sizeable brown trout.

Mottisfont Abbey
Managed by the National Trust the fishery is situated below Stockbridge and above the confluence of the river Dun and it is probably the most exclusive six miles of chalk stream trout fishing anywhere in the world. The fishery has three 0.5 mile long beats on the Test, which include the renowned Oakley and Rectory streams, along with one beat on the River Dun. Most of the rods on the fishery are syndicated, however a limited number of day rods are be available during the season. Minimum booking of two rods per day until 1st August.

Houghton Lodge
The lodge offers dry fly fishing on the Test. The fishing is situated within the well grounds and gardens of the lodge.

Lower Test

Kimbridge - Ginger Beer Carrier
Orvis acquired this fishery in 1982. The beat is a third of a mile in length downstream from the Kimbridge road bridge to the upper boundary of the Linhay Meads fishery. The 'Ginger Beer' beat which is Orvis's flagship piece of the Test is a third of a mile in length with a medium flow rate, interesting shallows and a bubbling top pool. Although the beat is a brown trout fishery it is not unusual for sea trout and the odd salmon/grilse to be caught later in the season. The beat can be booked exclusively for the day with a ghillie for up to five rods but can accommodate up to ten for a corporate fun day on the river. This beat is extremely popular.

The Parsonage
The fishing comprises 0.75 mile of the Test (right bank only) and 0.5 mile of double bank on a carrier. Predominantly a brown trout fishery with the occasional rainbow trout, there are a few sea trout and the odd salmon caught later in the season. One to four rods are available by the day from 1st May to 13th October.

Timsbury Fishery
The fishery consists of approximately 1 mile of the Test and 2 miles of carriers. The fishing is divided into four beats with each beat being part river and part carrier. Each beat accommodates two rods. The fishing is owned by the Timsbury Fishing Syndicate, however, rod days are occasionally let by the agent on their members' behalf.

Timsbury 5
The beat is situated on the mid to lower Test and a carrier. There is just under half-a-mile of fishing on the river and 370 yards on the carrier, which is catch and release. The main river has a moderate flow rate with shallows and deep runs. The beat can accommodate up to five rods and can be booked exclusively with a gillie. Orvis let fishing from Monday to Saturday with Sunday retained by the owners.

Where to Fish the Test

Image courtesy of Hampshire County Council

Lower Test (continued)

Broadlands Estate
The estate has three miles of double bank and one mile of single bank fishing on the Test, and approximately 1.5 miles of double bank on a carrier and 1.5 miles of single bank fishing on the River Blackwater. The main river is divided into eight beats two of which are let on a season basis with the remaining six (three trout and three salmon) let fortnightly, weekly, or by the day. The fisheries boundaries are from just above Romsey downstream to Nursling. The salmon beats have a series of shallows, deep runs and at least 12 named pools per beat. Each beat accommodates two rods. The mature tree cover, groynes and breakwaters provide ideal conditions for salmon to hold in this section of the river.

The trout beats are double bank and approximately 0.5 mile long. Each beat accommodates two rods. The beats are challenging to the trout angler because of the width of the river, deep pools and fast flowing current.

In addition to the river fishing there is a coarse fishing lake at Longbridge that has been stocked with ghost carp, tench, bream and roach and it has become one of the finest coarse fishing venues in the south of England.



Hurstbourne Priors
1.5 miles for one or two rods.


Bullington Manor, near Barton Stacey
The fishery comprises 4.5 miles of double bank fishing divided into four beats each approximately one mile in length. Up to six rods can be accommodated daily, with a minimum booking of two rods per day. Season 15th April to 13th October. Winter grayling fishing is available from 20th October to 30th November.

Dever Springs Trout Fishery
The fishery has two spring fed lakes with a total area of 6 acres, and half a mile of trout fishing on the river Dever. Day rods are available, but they must be booked in advance. Season: 3rd April to 31st October with winter day permits on the lakes from 1st November to 2nd April. Fishing on the river is by dry fly and upstream nymph- one fly, maximum size 12 barbless hooks. No wading is allowed.

Wallop Brook
This small narrow well established wild brown trout stream joins the main river downstream of Stockbridge at Bossington. Day rods are available on The Nine Mile Water situated near Nether Wallop. The beat is 1.75 miles long and accommodates one or two rods.


Holbury Lakes
This fishery has four lakes with a total area of 7.5 acres stocked mainly with rainbow trout, and 1000 yds of trout fishing on the river. The river is stocked only with brown trout and it has a good head of wild fish. Syndicate and day rods are available on both the lakes and the river.

School Farm
The fishery lies upstream of Dunbridge. This one of the best maintained and stocked beats on the river. The fishing consists of a series of glides, pools, riffles and weirs and it is stocked with good numbers of brown and rainbow trout. Fishing is available for two rods let by the day, with the possibility of a third rod at certain times.

This beat is immediately downstream of the School Farm fishery. The beat is approximately 1 mile long and has a series of deep pools, fast runs and back eddies under the trees on the opposite bank. Day rods are available for one or two anglers.


Woodington Fishery, near Romsey
The fishery consists of a series of lakes set in 36 acres of woodland and approximately one mile on the river Blackwater. The lakes are stocked with rainbow trout and the river has both native and stocked brown trout, grayling and runs of sea trout. The river is divided into three beats and day rods are available.

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