Itchen House Fishery


Eastleigh, Southampton


We have around 347 metres of fishing on the River Itchen.
165 Metres of wading.
Two Pools one of which is in excess of 15ft deep in midsummer and is an excellent salmon pool.


Itchen House Fishery
Salmon and Trout fishing on the world famous River Itchen.
Itchen House Fishery is a little known stretch of fishing at Bishopstoke on the renowned chalk stream, the River Itchen. Whilst we are most likely the smallest stretch of commercial fishing on the river we make up for it with the number, size and diversity of the fish you can catch. Itchen House raised trout during the 19th century and the original 3000 brown trout exported to Tazmania came from here.
We are proud to be one of the few fisheries able to offer salmon fishing on a day permit basis and whilst the catches aren't what they were (we've seen catch records of the pool many years ago when they used to catch hundreds) you still stand a chance of catching one. We have a very large and deep holding pool on the water where salmon will often sit for months at a time, this means that we often have multiple fish in the pool from June onwards (in 2012 I counted 23 fish in one day during September). Of course catches are far from guaranteed but we'll also show you a couple of public fishing spots in the locality to improve your chances further.
Instead of stocking our water with brown trout we simply feed it throughout the season, this draws in a large population of decent sized (usually around 2lb brown trout). The biggest brown trout caught here in recent times was a 6lber around five years ago but we usually at least see if not catch 4lbers every year (courtesy of the richer angling clubs upstream). We see some great fly hatches throughout the year so dry fly fishing on the lawn of this historic house can get very exciting at times. We also have the odd rainbow trout show up, these are often of excellent size and quality with sizes ranging from about 2 1/2lbs to about 7lbs however these are uncommon and certainly not guaranteed.
The sea trout run can be spectacular for part of the year however it is not constant so please contact us for a prediction when would be best for sea trout fishing. 10lb plus fish are seen each year but they are very hard to catch, the 1-3lb fish are far more common and may at times even outnumber the brown trout.

Our winter coarse fishing can be excellent except during times of flood, we do not offer any pike fishing but you msy fish for perch, chub, grayling, barbel etc. One of our anglers swears there are roach on the water but we've never seen any (free pint to the angler who catches the first). 7lb chub have been seen and caught here previously as have 10lb barbel but the populations of both have declined sharply recently. Grayling numbers appear to be increasing lately with several fish over a pound each getting caught in the last few months.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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