Coarse Fishing

River Test

There are good stocks of grayling in the river and its tributaries that are mainly fished for by trout anglers during the trout season, and some beats allow grayling fishing - by fly only - during the winter months.

The river also has good stocks of coarse fish - roach, dace, carp and chub - but other than the Timsbury Fishery on the lower Test very few trout fisheries allow coarse angling. The Timsbury Fishery lets coarse fishing by the day at a reasonable cost on the main river during the winter months (November to March), and all year on its well stocked lakes.

Still water coarse fishing is available at Broadlands Lake, Green Ridge Farm, Longbridge Lake and Whin Whistle Lake near Romsey, Golden Pond at Stockbridge, Vale Farm Fishery at Longparish and Peril Lake near Andover.

There are many other coarse fishing venues/lakes in the area - click here for more information.

River Itchen

Winchester City Council allows coarse fishing in the winter months between the weirs in the city and on the Itchen Navigation between Black Bridge and St Catherines Lock. Fishing is free.

Lower Itchen Fishery allows coarse fishing for roach, leather carp, chub, bream, barble and pike from 14th October to 28th February. The fishery has syndicate/part syndicate rods that allow members to fish on any day during the period. Day tickets are also available but they must be booked well in advance. All fish must be returned. Fishing is on the main river from Wards Pool downstream to the fishery's boundary at Gaters Mill, and on sections of the two carrier streams.

Fly only grayling fishing is also available from 14th October until 23rd December on the main river upstream from Wards Pool to just above Green Hut. Day tickets must be booked well in advance.

Fishing is also available on 500 yds of the tidal section of the river between Woodmill and Banksbridge - fishing from left bank only.

Other stillwater coarse fisheries in the area include Mansbridge Reservoir, The Ornamental Lake in Southampton and the Southampton Common Pond.