Endsleigh Fishing Club Latest Report

Last updated: Monday 16th October

2017 Season. Endsleighs chairman Sir Richard Dearlove has caught a 26 lb salmon at beech tree caught on a gold Monroe killer no 8 double. The largest salmon to be caught at Endsleigh for many years. October Mark Randall caught a 5 lb Salmon at Gravel on a yellow/silver 1" tube. Jane Randall caught two Salmon a 6 lb and 4 lb at gravel both caught on a yellow/silver Alley Shrimp no 6. Charles Whiteaway caught a 7lb salmon at Higher bush on a orange/silver 1" conehead. Simon Wood caught a 9lb salmon at Lowley on a 1" cascade. David Gurney caught two salmon a 4lb and 3 1/2lb caught at Lowley run. Nick Baird caught a 7lb salmon at waterfall on a cascade tube. Aubone Pyke caught a 12 lb salmon at Endsleigh ford on a Alley shrimp. Jeff Wehner caught two salmon a 5 lb at Inny Junction and a 8,lb at Dunterue stage both caught on a G P tube. Melanie Healy caught a 8 lb salmon at Big rock pool on a cone head. Sir Richard Dearlove caught a 6 lb salmon at Inny Croy on a silver stoat. Peter Melville caught a 3 lb salmon at pulpit on a stoats fly. Camilla Medd caught a 4 lb Salmon at Endsleigh Ham on a 3/4" Alley shrimp tube. Edward Pyke caught a 8 lb salmon at Browns 1 on a snare field tube. James Medd caught a 4 lb salmon at Adams run off on a 1 1/2" flood flasher tube. Nick Reevell caught a 6lb salmon at bush on a Rosie no 6.John Dennis caught a 7lb salmon at Lowley run. Nick Roullier caught a 7lb salmon at bush. Alan White caught two salmon a 7lb at Endsleigh ham and a 10lb at Inny lower run both caught on a 2" mercers fancy. Bob Unsworth caught five salmon a 10lb and 4lb at bush a 6lb at gravel and a 4lb at beech tree all caught on a bob's special and a 4lb at Inny Croy on a 1" cascade. Endsleigh caught 111 salmon this season with the largest 26lb caught by Sir Richard Dearlove at Beech tree and Endsleigh caught 129 sea trout this season the largest 7 1/2lb caught by Mark Rodick at Beech tree.

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