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Hury conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

Rules and important information

All anglers aged 12 or over must be in possession of their own individual

Environment Agency rod licence in addition to the fishery permit.

Each angler must buy a permit before starting to fish. The purchase of a permit is acceptance of the fishery rules.

Individual anglers are allowed to fish with one rod, using two rods at the same time is not allowed.

Anglers, including season permit holders must sign in and out and record their catch.

Eight fish day permit: up to two children aged under 18 can fish for free on their parent, grandparent or guardian's permit with a shared catch limit.

The 12 fish family permit allows a maximum of two parents or guardians (second adult must be spouse or partner) with a minimum of one under 18 to fish with a shared catch limit.

The 12 fish couples permit allows husband or wife and spouse or partner to fish on one permit with a shared catch limit. Proof of cohabitation may be required.

Credit cruncher: available daily from 2.30pm, catch limit is four fish.

Concessionary permits apply to the following: under 18s, those who are receiving the state pension, Blue Badge holders and those in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and evidence is required.

It is a criminal offence to take fish in excess of the permit catch limit and offenders will be prosecuted under the Theft Act.

When landing a trout a landing net must be used at all times.

All fish for the table must be humanely despatched using a priest.

No gutting of fish is allowed on-site.
Litter and nylon waste must not be discarded, please use the bins provided or take it home.

The season opens on all waters from 12 March and closes on 30 November (excluding Whittle Dene which opens on March 5 and closes on December 31).

All retail facilities are open daily from 8.00am.

All brown trout accidentally caught outside the Environment Agency season (regional bylaws) must be returned unharmed.

Brown trout season runs from 22 March until 30 September on all waters except Kielder and Derwent which is 1 May until 31 October.

Bank fishing times are from 8.00am to 9.00pm or sunset (whichever is sooner).

Northumbrian Water reserves the right to change any rules or policy and to close part or all of any fishery without notice or redress.

Fishery rangers reserve the right to inspect permits, tackle and catches.

Please note
This list is not exhaustive. Please check at the fishing lodge for a complete list of rules and regulations.If in doubt consult your fishery ranger.

Any method rules

On our any method trout fisheries you can use a variety of fishing techniques.The most popular methods are bait fishing with both float and ledger rigs; you can also spin and lure fish with a variety of artificial spinners, spoons and lures. The most popular baits are worm, maggot PowerBait and sweetcorn.

All of our shops stock a wide range of the most popular fish catching baits and artificial lures. In addition you can use a swimfeeder set up that can be filled with any attractant. The most popular feeder mix for trout fishing on our waters is our own Magic Dust compound which at times is dynamite!

Whilst you can use and enjoy a variety of fishing techniques on our waters there are some that we do not allow. This is to ensure that on our waters we can offer equal opportunities to all anglers whilst retaining an ethical integrity common to our sport.

Please note the following techniques are not allowed on our trout fishing waters.

The use of fish live baits e.g. minnows is not allowed.

Do not loose feed or ground bait by hand or catapult.

When bait fishing a single hook trace must be used e.g. the use of a multi hook trace is not allowed.

When bait fishing with worms and maggots etc the use of treble hooks is not allowed.

The use of natural fish roe as a bait is not allowed.

When any method fishing all sizable fish must be retained for the table therefore catch and release is not allowed.

If in doubt consult your fishery ranger.

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