This week so far

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Last week

(Last updated: Sunday 29th July)

River Eden 2018.

It has been a strange month weather-wise so far, it has been a quite cool and wet period. The hatches of dark olive have been sporadic all throughout April, lasting just minutes each time. The grannom have started the last few days in decent numbers and the smaller trout are coming up for them but not the bigger specimens just yet. The trout fishing has not been easy, it would seem that we are around three weeks behind where we should be.
The salmon fishing was going quite well in the first half of the month with some really large fish showing up, since the 18th it has gone quiet.

May has begun with the water dropping off to summer low, with the rising air temperatures the brown trout are now coming to the surface for large dark and grannom. There has been a small run of grilse size fish come in and a few have been caught on the fly especially in the evening with this very bright weather at present.
Certainly quite a few fish have come in this month, with the low water, bright conditions and persistent east wind, early and late fishing is the order of the day. The end of month all hatches have ceased with the conditions making trout fishing difficult. Sea trout numbers are building nicely. No sign of any rain yet.

East winds, bright conditions and low water levels are making any sport difficult, during the evening period the temperature drops like a stone. A couple of small rises of water due to thunder storms but not enough to clear the river bed and what came down was dirty. The salmon fishing remains slow like everywhere else, the salmon numbers are just not there at present. There are fish in the river but they are reluctant to take. The days that are overcast and the wind from the west has proved to be productive with some nice trout and sea trout being caught. The last week of the month is very hot and dry. Quite a few sea trout in the river now, when the full moon subsides with the clear skies it should be good for night fishing. Trout fishing in the daytime is working well with small size flies both wet and dry 18-22 (micro-caddis).

The dry period continues with the river level well below summer height, water temperature now at 70oF and the algae growth becoming a problem with rafts of the stuff drifting down the river from the margins making fishing difficult. Fishing is frustrating with the above problems, there are salmon and sea trout in the pools but with the high temperatures of both the air and water, it is not easy. Rain on the 28th has risen water levels slightly, a lot of salmon now on the move from the lower beats.

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Season so far

High and fluctuating water levels making fishing conditions poor so far. A twenty pound salmon for Raymond Chesworth 13th February off Warwick Hall. Three more fish caught the last week of the month to end February.
A few fish in between water level rises being caught above Carlisle during March, it has just been so unsettled and cold so far.
April was more productive with quite a few fish caught, especially the fist half, it has been a cold month, the salmon fishing slowed toward the second half of April. Hatches and trout fishing very slow to get going this season!
Biggest fish so far, Alan Lawrence 28 pounds, Low House.
We still await the main spring run to come in, they are late. Trout fishing now good.
May is proving challenging with the settled high pressure, bright conditions and east wind at present, there are a few salmon about and it is early and late fishing that is working well, last week of May all hatches have ceased.
June. Not much improvement for this month just yet, there is sport when the conditions are right for brown and sea trout but still salmon remain elusive and thin on the ground. Grayling fishing is good in the faster runs with this low water.
July. Rain is very much needed everywhere now before normality to the rivers can return. Rain on the 28th has given a slight rise of water and brought a good number of salmon in from the estuary.

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Rob Jolly - 16 pound March the first of the
2016 season for him.

Raymond Bell from Wensleydale with his first ever spring salmon from Warwick Hall on the 11 May 2015.