East Yorkshire

Driffield Beck

Driffield Beck is a river of ever changing character which meanders from its source at Bradshaws Mill down and beyond Wansford to Corpslanding where the chalk bed ends.

The water is as clear as on any other chalk stream but even on the deep bends in the river the white chalk solum reflects every inch of water.

Most of the fishing on the Driffield Beck is in the hands of clubs with restricted memberships: Driffield Anglers Club (the second oldest in England being formed in 1833), Golden Hill Club and the West Beck Preservation Society.

The water is stocked with brown trout to complement the indigenous wild fish population.

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Driffield, Yorkshire

Bradshaw's Flour Mill, Driffield, East Yorkshire

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Foston Beck

Foston Beck is in many respects very much like its sister river, Driffield Beck. Above Lowthorpe Foston Beck is like the Upper Itchen, meandering through woods with a strong flow and a healthy growth of ranunculus. Below Lowthorpe though, it has a much different personality, becoming slower and running deep between high banks.

The fishing on Foston Beck is mananged by the Foston Club and like the clubs on Driffield Beck it has a restricted membership.

Fishing is for stocked fish.