River Wensum

The River Wensum is probably the finest fishing river in Norfolk and is a tributary of the River Yare despite being the larger of the two rivers. The source of the Wensum lies between the villages of Colkirk and Whissonsett.

The Wensum is a stream with a good flow in the spring and at Lyng and Lenwade looks just like the Itchen. The fishing here is very good but privately owned. Further up at Bintree there is a very streamy stretch which can be fished on day tickets. One angler is reported to have had a 9 pound trout out of the mill pond over 20 years ago. There are still big trout in the mill pools all the way down to Norwich where the Wensum becomes tidal.

River Wensum, Norfolk

River Wensum at Norwich, Norfolk

Below Foundry Bridge by the railway station the river was dredged some time ago to allow large boats to bring timber and coal up to Norwich and now it's a river for pleasure boats only. It should be noted however that it was in this dredged stretch,not far from Carrow Road the home of Norwich City FC, that only recently an angler fishing for pike hooked and landed a 23lb sea trout.

River Bure

In the deep heartland of Norfolk is the River Bure, which feeds the main Broads and contains a large population of wild brown trout which are infrequently fished for.

The Bure at Itteringham and Blickling is a very pretty trout stream. In places, the river is no more than two or three yards wide and hence the fishing calls for a stealthy approach using fine tackle and tippets.

Fisheries letting online on this river:

Oxnead Fishery

Norfolk chalk streams

Chalk streams in Norfolk

River Nar and River Wissey

Both Nar and Wissey flow into the Great Ouse and have a good stock of trout in their upper reaches, where they both look like smaller versions of the River Test, boasting clear water, gravel beds and lots of water crowfoot swaying in the current.

The Nar, above Narborough, is a particularly pretty stream and contains a lot of smaller trout, but the odd 2-3lbs fish does occasionally figure in the catch returns. The Nar is mainly private but day ticket fishing can be obtained and there are some trout lakes fed by the Nar at Narborough.

The Wissey is a bigger stream then the Nar and in the lower reaches near Hilgay there have been reports of large fish, in the 5-6lbs region being taken. Unfortunately most of these fish are not caught on the fly, but have been inadvertently taken by pike anglers, as these larger trout often gorge themselves on the shoals of smaller coarse fish which abound here. However, a careful fly fisher should also be able to winkle them out on larger flies.

River Stiffkey

The River Stiffkey is a small chalk stream running through an area of north Norfolk from its source near Swanton Novers before it empties into the North Sea near the town of Stiffkey. The river has been dredged historically, presumably for agricultural purposes, but still has a self-sustaining population of wild brown trout.