River Frome

The River Frome (pronounced 'Froom') at 30 miles long is the largest chalkstream in southwest England. The river rises in the Dorset Downs near Evershot. At Wareham it flows into Poole Harbour, together with the River Piddle (also known as the River Trent), via the Wareham Channel.

The Frome flows through a small, intimate valley and has myriad tiny tributaries. Despite their size, the main stem and its side streams are home to some spectacular trout and grayling. Much of the fishing is tricky and chest waders are required on some of the more overgrown side streams.

The river has abundant hatches of flies and in early spring there can be some astounding hatches of Grannom. As the year progresses and things start to warm up blue winged olives, falls of hawthorn fly and black gnat also emerge. Towards the end of May or early June the mayfly start hatching and after this boon time there is always the evening fall of spinners and sedges.

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River Frome, Dorset

River Frome at Wareham, Dorset

River Piddle

This is a small rural Dorset river flowing from near Tolpuddle (as in, the Tolpuddle Martyrs) and empties into Poole Harbour past Wareham. Prior to this, the Piddle meanders through the Dorset countryside in an almost parrallel course to it's near neighbour the River Frome. The Piddle is not a stocked river and the owners manage this chalk stream gem with the gentlest of touches. The fishing here can be challenging and it is worth noting that the entire river is now a catch and release fishery.

River Allen

The River Allen starts life near Monkton Up Wimbourne as a winterbourne (its summer source is at springs above Wimbourne St Giles) and over its thirteen mile course develops into a lovely pure chalk stream. Its valley landscape is much more intimate than the surrounding countryside, with flat water meadows on either bank contrasting with adjacent arable fields. Copses and riverside trees are frequent; development is minimal, though historic bridges are a feature. The Allen is a tributary to the Stour, the two rivers coming together just outside Wimborne Minster and entering the sea at Christchurch, as does the Avon.

The Allen used to be an excellent river for game fishing but migratory salmon and resident trout are declining. According to the Environment Agency the salmon stock of the Stour catchment is in a precarious state.

Dorset chalk streams

Chalk streams in Dorset

River Frome, Dorset

River Frome at Lower Bockhampton, Dorset

River Wey

The River Wey is a short river 5 miles long. The river rises in Upwey, where the spring forms Upwey Wishing Well. Most of the river's course is in the built-up area of Weymouth and into Weymouth Harbour.